Snow Miku 2013: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. (Vocaloid) Nendoroid

Hello everyone I’ve had a very long, exhausting, busy day! It’s practically midnight, and I just got off my feet. (o^皿^) So I’m sorry if this post says it was posted a day later than it should have been. I probably won’t finish it until late in the night… Enjoy! ( ╹▿╹ )   This time… Continue reading Snow Miku 2013: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. (Vocaloid) Nendoroid

Hotarumaru (Touken Ranbu) Nendoroid

Hello everyone! Today let’s take a look at another Touken Ranbu character: the cutie Hotarumaru! His Nendoroid size makes him even cuter! (๑*౪*๑) His outfit is mostly western-style. Be sure to click the tag ‘Touken Ranbu’ at the end of the page to see all TR posts. This is sadly another figure I do not currently… Continue reading Hotarumaru (Touken Ranbu) Nendoroid

Okurikara (Touken Ranbu) Nendoroid

Welcome back! Today will feature Ookurikara (Jp) from Touken Ranbu in his adorable Nendoroid version! (。’▽’。)♡  Ookurikara is a character I’ve had in the game since nearly the beginning of the game. What’s cool about him is his dark skin and his dragon tattoo. His clothing is western style, with a hint of Japanese-style, which can… Continue reading Okurikara (Touken Ranbu) Nendoroid

C.C. -Code Black 1st Live Encore- (Code Geass) Prize

Hello everyone, today I will briefly talk about a figure of C.C. from the Code Geass series. \(^ω^\) This figure is made by Banpresto, and is an Ichiban Kuji Premium prize figure. It is part of the “Code Geass: Code Black in Ashford” Ichiban Kuji, but is the second line in the series. This product line is… Continue reading C.C. -Code Black 1st Live Encore- (Code Geass) Prize