C.C. -Code Black 1st Live Encore- (Code Geass) Prize

Hello everyone, today I will briefly talk about a figure of C.C. from the Code Geass series. \(^ω^\) This figure is made by Banpresto, and is an Ichiban Kuji Premium prize figure. It is part of the “Code Geass: Code Black in Ashford” Ichiban Kuji, but is the second line in the series. This product line is additionally titled, “Code Black 1st Live Encore!” The figure lineup in the giveaway consists of Kallen, C.C., & Shirley, but recently a figure of Lelouch was also made, but was manufactured by Kotobukiya.


Let me first mention that Code Geass is one of my favourite anime of all time! I just love Lelouch ❤ Kallen is also my other favourite character. While C.C. is not my favourite, I still like her character, and her long green hair and various outfits throughout the show are always so neat.

This particular prize doesn’t appear to be a scale, as I have not seen it mentioned on the packaging. However, it is about the same size as any other 1/7 scale, with the height being apprx. 20cm. Usually prize figures are not as well made as scale figures, but as this one is in Banpresto’s Premium line, it is of worthy quality.


I quite like the colour scheme of the outfit. There are actually special colour versions of the ‘1st Live Encore!’ line that exist, and the C.C. one was also made into a figure, but I find this colour scheme of C.C. stays truer to her mysterious personality.

As you can see in this photo she wears long platform boots, which are mostly open on the sides, and have a tied ribbon around the ankles.


The overall theme is a butterfly, with a unique kimono-style. The would-be lower half of the kimono are split into pieces that hang open all around. In place of an obi, the big bows resemble butterfly wings, and are very gorgeously patterned. The white strap-like pieces that fall just below her shoulders are a small but nice touch, adding to the elegant aura. It resembles the neckline of an Oiran’s kimono (a courtesan).


The sleeves are detached from the rest of the dress, and are very lovely. They have the same rose pattern as on the lower half of the dress, but since the sleeves are black, the red flowers seem more vivid.


The only thing I really don’t like about this figure is the bat wings that she has attached to the flowers above her ears. Something being present there, even if it is pretty much the same shape, would be completely fine. From the front it looks pretty neat with a pointed object behind her head, but anything other than bat wings would have looked nicer. To me, it just conflicts with the butterfly motif of the rest of the outfit.



C.C. wears a choker necklace (which I quite like), and these graceful flower pins with dangling ribbons, and also has her nails painted red. The flower-like design on her hands are actually part of bracelets that she is wearing, which are hard to notice since they are underneath the ends of the sleeves. I like to pretend that they are actually painted on her hands, or like a temp tattoo, because in that way they add this sort of daring quality.

Along those lines, this figure design definitely shows gothic elements, but yet it is very elegant. It is different from gothic lolita style which is also chic, but just in another way. I think it is because this style reminds me of an Oiran, which I briefly mentioned before. Since Oiran were also entertainers (in addition to being a courtesan), it is fitting because the “Code Black in Ashford” product line is centered around the idea of a rock band! <( ̄︶ ̄)>♪♪  ヘ(^o^ヘ)



Below is a picture of all the girls in the ‘1st Live Encore!’ figure set, as well as the C.C. special colour version.

I hope you will continue to read my posts and enjoy figures. Until next time! ( ^_^)/~~~~

*I only own photos taken of the figures themselves, on display outside their boxes and packaging [Pictures are noticeably not taken by a professional. From time to time I may take pictures of the boxes and/or packaging.]. I do not own any pictures of figures that are taken for promotional purposes [Example: photos listed on GoodSmile Co. website].*


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