Hotarumaru (Touken Ranbu) Nendoroid

Hello everyone! Today let’s take a look at another Touken Ranbu character: the cutie Hotarumaru! His Nendoroid size makes him even cuter! (๑*౪*๑) His outfit is mostly western-style.

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This is sadly another figure I do not currently own. I would absolutely love to own all of the TR Nendoroids, but fate won’t allow it 😦 Hopefully sometime in the future I can acquire him. I’ve also yet to get him in the game! (ρ゚∩゚)

Despite the fact that he is a young boy like the Tantous, he is one of the few Ootachi! It’s pretty adorable to see him carrying around a sword so much bigger than him ^^

What I really like, and what’s really noticeable, about Hotarumaru is his large shoulder cape. He also wears sode (shoulder armour) on the same arm.

This is not his in-game battle pose, but I like it much better than the original illustration. I love this innocent looking expression. His hair is a nice shade of gray that contrasts nicely with his bright green eyes. His eyelashes are pretty unique, and I always like seeing characters with smaller eyebrows are also a nice touch :3

His hat is removable, and a smaller version is available as an optional part for him to hold.

This just has to be the cutest pose ever!!! (#^▽^#)

This is his battle pose. It is pretty nice, but like I said before I like the other pose better.

The one thing I don’t like about Hotarumaru are the garters he wears to keep up his socks. Maybe time will change that opinion, but at the moment I just find them very hideous. (o^皿^)

Just like always, all the nendoroids (& scales) have the character’s insignia on their base. Hotarumaru’s is simplistic, but refreshing. This cap and the pin on his cape also have the insignia.


That’s it for today’s post.

There’s only a few more days in July!

I hope you will continue to read my posts and enjoy figures. Until next time! ( ^_^)/~~~~


*I only own photos taken of the figures themselves, on display outside their boxes and packaging [Pictures are noticeably not taken by a professional. From time to time I may take pictures of the boxes and/or packaging.]. I do not own any pictures of figures that are taken for promotional purposes [Example: photos listed on GoodSmile Co. website].*


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