Snow Miku 2013: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. (Vocaloid) Nendoroid

Hello everyone I’ve had a very long, exhausting, busy day! It’s practically midnight, and I just got off my feet. (o^皿^) So I’m sorry if this post says it was posted a day later than it should have been. I probably won’t finish it until late in the night…

Enjoy! ( ╹▿╹ )


This time will feature the Snow Miku 2013 Nendoroid! (⌒▽⌒)I will explain about Snow Miku in a later post, so stay on the lookout.


Just as you can see from the special name of the Nendoroid, Miku is wearing a red & white kimono, which is actually similar to a bridal style kimono (even the hat [cotton veil?]), but with a touch of winter. Regardless, it is extremely beautiful! (灬^ω^灬)  This is probably my favourite Nendoroid that I own.

However, this was also probably the most time consuming figure I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot..). Seriously, it took me forever to pose correctly. I was having a hard time with the hand/arm parts, the parasol, and especially her hair. The two strands in the front just got in the way.  Somehow I eventually got her to resemble the desired pose. I remember the entire time I was trying, I was like this: (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻  I kept wondering to myself if anybody else had been having the same trouble I was, or I just got unlucky with an unwilling figure.


There were some small defects/blemishes, but that’s just the nature of production. I don’t mind so much. In case you’re worried, there were a couple chips, and one of the places was on her hat, were it splits open (not viewable in this photo). But I think I was just a bit unlucky, and it most likely is specific to my figure. If you bought this figure, it would probably be fine.

Just like the snow bunny I placed next to her, Miku has a leaf on top of her cotton veil. The whole look is supposed to resemble strawberry daifuku. She also has a tiny strawberry on her kimono to match the theme, which you can see just above her hand. I also quite like the little tassels that hang from her veil on either side, and the one placed on her kimono. What nice little details! (。’▽’。)


The smooth sculpting of the figure presents everything in a highly graceful manner. The obi is tied into a lovely bow, and the train of the kimono is very elegant as well.

Here you can also see the peg that sticks out from the base. This nendoroid doesn’t use the typical arm-stand joint, and instead uses a peg attached with a piece that sits in-between the legs of the figure. However, as you can see mine is just a peg. This is because I broke it off. 。・゚(゚⊃Д⊂゚ )゚・。  Luckily, this figure is known to stand on it’s own without it!  I just have it sitting behind her for extra measure (although really, I don’t think it would do much…LOL). When she was using the peg, the figure was actually quite wobbly, and now she stands perfectly sturdy. Although before, I’m not sure if that was because of user error, or if again I was just unlucky.


I was actually quite torn over which pose to use because they are all so good! I ultimately went with the parasol one since it was very elegant, but I’m really tempted to buy another copy or two of the figure so I can display her in several ways (except the markup is pretty high… even the one I have now is probably the most expensive Nendoroid that I bought).

Look at how cute her expression is, while she holds the little sake saucer! She looks so happy (*^v^*)

I also think this has to be the most beautiful hairstyle of Miku, expecially of all her Nendoroid versions. Her hair is tied up in two lower buns (check last photo for better visual), each with a single strand flowing out in a pretty wave & with a white gradient on the end. She has two more strands hanging down in the front, and the bangs frame her face with a nice hairclip, which is all more refreshing than her usual bang style.

But that’s not all – Miku comes with an alternate hair style! o(^▽^)o Her usual pony tails, but sprinkled with Snow Miku goodness: snowflakes, and a white gradient, and even her hair ties are different.

I love this design as well, and it was hard not to use it.

The figure also comes with this plastic piece of snowflakes, so you can display them in her hair like this —>

but I found it somehow annoying to stay on her head the right way, so I didn’t use it. Plus it blocks her pretty hairpin a little.

In this photo you can see all the optional pieces, minus the alternate hairstyle. The little black & red saucer she is sitting on is made to resemble, I think a serving plate since she has the strawberry daifuku look. That wooden stake is supposed to be a toothpick, by the way. But even so, it freaks me out a little, so I couldn’t display it. LOLOL


The figure box itself is quite beautiful, and really neat! This is definitely the Miku figure that I think every Hatsune Miku fan should own!


The End-of-July series is almost over. I hope you’ve enjoyed the nonstop figures, and look forward to the last couple entries.

I hope you will continue to read my posts and enjoy figures. Until next time! ( ^_^)/~~~~


*I only own photos taken of the figures themselves, on display outside their boxes and packaging [Pictures are noticeably not taken by a professional. From time to time I may take pictures of the boxes and/or packaging.]. I do not own any pictures of figures that are taken for promotional purposes [Example: photos listed on GoodSmile Co. website].*


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