Yuzuki Yukari Lin (Vocaloid) Scale

Hello, ヽ(^O^)ノ this is the second last day of the End-of-July series. This time will be Yuzuki Yukari in her Lin version. Even though she’s a 1/8 scale, she’s very tall, standing at apprx. 9 inches, without including the bunny ears! Like the other Yukari figure, this scale was also made by Pulchra. Luckily, I was able to secure Yukari this time!

Click here to read about the Yuzuki Yukari [Jun] scale.


The pose is based off of her appearance on the V4 box art. The Lin version is the equivalent to the “Power” version, meaning the vocals are stronger and louder. This makes them suitable for rock songs, which is the theme of this outfit! (/^▽^)/

One notable difference from promotional photos, and the reality of my figure is the mic stand and cord. She’s supposed to be basically holding or touching the stand with her right hand, but I couldn’t really figure out how to get it to stay there. I just left it hang because it doesn’t seem to harm the figure in any way, and I’m a little nervous to try and force it to stay somewhere where it won’t (my track record with breaking figures isn’t great ( ̄^ ̄)). It could just be me – too stupid to figure out how to do it, but because Pulchra is somewhat of a small, unheard-of company, I gotta wonder if it’s just a flaw in the manufacturing.

For the cord, in the promo photos it appears light, as it floating in the air. However, when unpackaging mine, the cord wasn’t wrapped up in a circle (it was more of a loop), so well unraveling it, it was not sleek and straight, and there also seemed to be too much of it. Because of that, I couldn’t achieve the same effect as the promo, so instead I decided to wrap some of it around the mic stand before letting it sit around her jacket.

Like usual, I’m pretty lax with this stuff, so it makes no real difference to me. I possibly like it better this way anyway. I just thought it is something you guys should know if you want to purchase this product.


A close-up of her cute purple pigtails and purple eyes. I just looove her hair! (*^ワ^*)


Similar to the original/Jun outfit, Lin also has speakers attached to the bottom of her dress. This time the belts attached to them are instead more like strands, just trailing along in the air.

You can also see here that her headphones even have bunnies on them! The paint job for them isn’t perfect though, Lol.

I am a little nervous about potential leaning for this figure. Her feet are raised, and there is no metal – just plastic for the pegs. So far, everything has been good, so I hope it continues to be that way.


Yukari’s flowing jacket is pretty well made. Actually, I think that might be a means of preventing leaning. I think the weight of it counterbalances the fact that she’s elevated.

Her jacket is also the great thing that is different from the promo and the actual figure. Her prototypes all showcase a black stand that supports her jacket. I really dislike it when figure have them, even though they are necessary, because the are so distracting and take away from the appeal of the figure. If they are clear (like some that I own) it isn’t so bad – just don’t make them black.     But! The end design for this figure doesn’t require them!! So it’s all good. <( ̄︶ ̄)>


You can see here the big flap in her jacket.

She has the same shouting bunny symbol on her back, as the one on the base. I think this version of the bunny suits the Lin style perfectly.


Even though I like the Jun appearance more, I am still incredibly happy to own this figure. I really hope we see the production of her Onn version in the near future! (*o*)


Tomorrow is the last in the End-of-July series. Be sure to check it out!

I hope you will continue to read my posts and enjoy figures. Until next time! ( ^_^)/~~~~


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