Persona 5

Welcome back everyone!! Today is July 31, which means this is the last post in the End-of-July segment. I have very special news today! Instead of doing a figure post, the last day is going to be the first of the long-awaited game posts!! ( ᐛ )و

Please be aware that my tone and behaviour may seem quite different from usual. That is how affected I was from this game.


This blog is mainly about anime figures, but is also supposed to have a focus on games, so I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write about one. I’ve been set on writing about this certain video game for my first game post, but I’ve been putting it off. This is because while I was progressing through the game, which was before this blog even started, I had things to say about the game that I just had to get out. So what I did was write it down. Except before I new it, I was already at 2500 words. And that was just about one character. Because of that, I’ve been dreading going through it all, rewriting & proofreading it… but today is finally the day!


Since I didn’t want to make this topic too long, I’m sticking with the main ideas that I originally wrote about. That means I’m only going to share some of the highlights of my experience playing the game. And like I mentioned before, that also means that it is going to focus on one character from the game. It is not a game review.


This DOES include spoilers. To fully enjoy your experience playing the game, it is recommended that you do not read this until you have completed the game yourself.



Without further ado, let us talk about the wonderful game that is: Persona 5.



Wow, this game really threw one at me. At some times, things were predictable, and at other times not so much. Probably without surprise, the biggest thing about this game for me was the role of Akechi-kun. Very soon after the game started, I developed a fondness of him, and as the story progressed the more crazy I became. But I never once hated Akechi-kun. I am aware that many people probably hate his character, but this is not how I see him. Yes, it’s true that his character isn’t ideal, but rather than hate him I felt sorry for him. You may realize this is exactly the same way I feel about Sasuke Uchiha, as I mentioned in my Sasuke Scale Figure post.

Even now, I still like his character. However, this can best be seen in the following passages I’d written while playing the game. Please Note: I am a total fangirl, so please excuse me by how much I love Akechi-kun. But also know that he is nothing compared to how obsessed I am with Yusuke.

This first one was written after a few times of encountering him in the game:

AKECHI-KUUUN!!!! He is the coolest ever! The young, ace-detective totally reminds me of Naoto (P4).


This second one is where you can really see how I became obsessed :

Akechi!! I SWEAR IF HE DOESN’T JOIN MY TEAM!!!!!! I’M GONNA LOOSE IT!!! Seriously! He’s got to join the team, right?! I mean, he just has to! His character is too cool to just be wasted as a background character just sitting there. [I love him so much! Besides Yusuke, and excluding Joker because I play as him, I think he’s one of the coolest characters in the game!! After his first appearance with Sae in the anime cutscene, he’s caught my eye, and before I knew it he became one of my reasons to play the game. I just had to know what was going to happen with his character. I just had to know, even if it killed me.] Also, several things point to the fact that he will probably join the team. I swear I’m not making this up just because I want to.

Firstly, he’s very prominent on both versions of the game case. Secondly, on the initial load screen after you insert the disk and start up the game, Akechi is included with the other character’s Stat/All-Out Atk portraits (Their Phantom Thief attire; see above)! Lastly, on the title, load screen, it shows a total of 8 characters wearing masks, plus a cat. I’ve been looking at that person with the beak mask in the background for an awfully long time. I have always been sure it would be him.

I mean, as you progress through the game, Akechi keeps popping up. Since he’s around so much it’s obvious he has to be more than just a simple secondary character. –> The most obvious being that you gain him as a Confidant, and ALL THE RANKS ARE HIDDEN. I just know he’s gonna give me good stuff. Ever since your first Confidant rank with him is gained, I just knew that the story was going to wait until much later to reveal what part he had in all of this, but I just couldn’t wait. For days I kept playing and enduring the frustrations of palaces – as well as what I call a horrible battle system – so I could learn of his story. FOR DAYS. All I could think of while playing through dungeon after dungeon was, “When is Akechi going to show up? When am I going to get to his story line??” Like I previously stated, he became a sole reason I kept playing through the game. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game and would have played anyways [also like I said, I am obsessed with Yusuke], but adding Akechi just made me want to marathon through this game, rather than taking my time so I could enjoy the memory of this game later like I usually do. In other words, I would have beat this game in 1 day if I could have, as long as that meant finally getting to discover Akechi’s hidden role.

I know that he isn’t really showed in what I call the “promotional” aspect of the game. In addition to the game cases though, even some merchandise like the box art of the Collector’s Edition shows all the members of the Phantom Thieves and their personas, [however, Akechi isn’t there] even though this could be considered “spoilers”. This is because when playing the game, you will probably assume that more characters are going to join your battle, but you don’t immediately know this or who they are. However, with all that being said, Akechi isn’t there.


Yes, like I mentioned, the very first appearance he made in the game, Akechi was on my radar. He was so cool, and I desired for him to join the Phantom Thieves. Then I finally got my wish, and the aftermath that followed. Here is what I wrote on that:

WHY???????WHY??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!


I feel like my heart was broken. Or I was betrayed. What is the meaning to me playing this game anymore? Existential crisis







As you may have noticed, I just encountered the plot twist of the game. And as you know by now, I love Akechi, and have wanted him to join my team basically since I first saw him in the game. How could he betray me? He FINALLY joined my team! I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long!!! When the time finally happened[came], it was my most happiest, most worthwhile part of playing this game. Having him on my team was just so great! He was so cool and overpowered. I wasn’t too overly impressed with his princely attire, it was meh, but his mask was a tengu/beak mask! His codename was Crow. CROW! How awesome is that?! [FYI my most favourite bird is a crow.]

Tengu are basically a half-human/half-crow yokai (ogre/monster) in Japanese folk culture. They are usually depicted with a very long nose, which stems from the characteristic of a beak. This statue is outside of the train station near Mt. Kurama, Japan. The mountain is known for its tengu legends, and I’ve actually had the opportunity to go to it.

I cannot express enough how awesome it was having him on my team. It made me incredibly sad when he said things like it was only temporary, but I thought he would grow to love fighting alongside the Phantom Thieves, and join their cause once he saw how their justice worked. So that small amount of hope that he would permanently join kept me going.  His elemental powers were Bless AND Curse. Two skills that I haven’t been lacking (thanks to Principality and Leanan Shide), but left much to be desired, which is where he came in to fill the gaps. He was the first on my team to attain a skill – both elemental and physical – that dealt severe damage. Although the rest of my team quickly caught up to him, but still, it left an impression. He was crucial to the progression through Sae’s palace. With his aid, the palace was essentially a breeze, and Sae was the most easiest boss fight ever. Like seriously, that was it? I couldn’t believe it was that easy – I kept thinking there was going to be another catch, but there wasn’t. “Wow, was that all?” Anyway, let’s talk about more cool stuff about him. His “All-Out Attack” portrait (by this I mean the one that is listed under the Stats page, where current party members are listed) with his wind-blown hair and hand reaching out, was cool and fit so nicely together alongside Yusuke and Haru’s images. These three images together with Joker’s just had this nice “elegant” aura. That was considered my perfect team – Aesthetically speaking. Makoto replaced Haru in terms of strength and usefulness (Lol). Anyway, another really cool thing was his “All-Out Attack” end picture & pose. His little circus dance was a little silly, but I thought it fit perfectly with the theme. His end pose, the background design & colours, all screamed “Circus” to me – another motif that I find really cool!

Going back to the plot, I was absolutely hit with a mix of emotions. On top of that, the dialogue said, “Akechi showed me his true identity. My bond with Akechi has increased.” WHAT. How can you STILL HAVE A BOND WITH HIM? HE’S FREAKIN’ EVIL DAMMIT!!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT?!?? LOL HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

I still kind of refused to believe he is the killer. How? Why? AKECHI is the murderer? What? Akechi-kuuun!

You know, even during the first lines where it was revealing Akechi was evil I was trying to refuse it was him. These lines said something like, “We could say that he stole the guard’s gun and committed suicide… In that room my job will be easy…” At first I knew right away that this “Young Man’s Voice” was revealing that Akechi was evil, but within a second later I was thinking to myself, “No! That can’t be possible! How?!” And so within milliseconds I tried to come to the conclusion that: at first glance, those lines made him appear to be evil, but in all reality he was actually saying this to the other Phantom Thieves members in a plot to save Joker, and thus making him still one of the good guysThis was the only way my heart could stay in one piece, and thus save my soul from shattering. A few more lines later… It wasn’t looking good for me.

I honestly thought that he would drop his “deal” that required this to be the Phantom Theives’ last Palace excursion, and instead join their team. I really was hoping for that. Why did it have to go all wrong? He was on my freakin’ team! I was THIS close to having him stay there permanently! I just know it! ☹Why go to all this work, developing the character, wanting him to join your team, he finally DOES join your team, but it’s only temporary! And then he turns out to be the bad guy! Rip my heart in half, why don’t you. I got a taste of the good, team-member Akechi. I don’t want to give that up! You can’t give me a taste of him, and then be like, “Oh, sorry. He’s gotta go now, and btw now you gotta hate him.”

patrick mad 1

While I was waiting for the calling card operation to commence, during the 20 days or so I had to dick around, I went to Mementos. I spent quite a long time there, and during the whole time, Akechi kept saying dialogue that made him fit right in, like one of the team. Such as, “I wish my outfit looked like Joker’s…”

Similarites to Light Yagami anyone?

I even bought him a nice SP Adhesive accessory. >へ< I used his abilities so much within the first phase of the palace, that his SP was very soon depleted, and had to keep using items to replenish it. I decided to do the palace all in one day, so I was about to use that nice Soma item I just received at the prize counter, until I reached the roadblock right after, which prevents you from completing the palace until the next day. So since I was back in the real world, that left me with an obvious decision to go to Takemi’s shop and buy another one, and use it for him. The first time I bought one, I knew once Takemi’s confidant rank was high enough, her item prices would be halved, but I had an overabundant amount of unused cash and didn’t want to wait. Even so by this time that I bought the second one, her rank increased so I could get it at a discount. With the rest of my money I went to buy upgraded weapons from Iwami so that my team could be on par with how highly powered Akechi’s weapons were. This wasn’t really necessary, but for some reason I felt it was needed because I didn’t want the rest of my team to be on the same level as him and not fall behind.

Moving on, he also frequented LeBlanc. He even told me a sad story about his father abandoning him or something, and he had to move from foster home to foster home. He showed us his sad side also when his popularity was at an all-time low, but was always cheery when Joker talked to him. ☹

His “All-Out Attack” end picture says, “My sole interest is uncovering the truth.” Why? WHY ARE YOU EVIL??

What happened to your “Justice”?! You were also so extremely particular about it. YOU’RE EVEN THE FREAKIN’ JUSTICE ARCANA!!!! What do you gotta say to that?! Huh?! Your persona is even Robin Hood. You were dressed in white only to confuse me or something? (white as the usual symbol of good, rather than evil, which is black)  Although I guess crows are usually symbolic of bad/evil guys and whatnot. Hmmmmm…………

Looking back on it, there were signs though. I guess I was just too much of a fangirl and wanted to ignore them. Like the person dressed in black that killed Okumura. My memory isn’t quite clear on that scene, but I remember a cape and a gun, both of which highly resemble Akechi’s in retrospect. Then there’s also the matter of his dialogue when in the Metaverse. When fighting, he would say rather dark things for his so-called “on the side of justice/true hero” demeanor. I particularly remember him saying the word “Massacre” during his All-Out Attack. (O.O) And when a battle was finished, if he was standing in the background, he would be laughing to himself like a madman. (before Joker started running away, and it would show the EXP and whatnot gained from battle). Also, while I actually own it, I have yet to play P4G, but I’ve watched the anime. Akechi strongly reminds me of Adachi. Adachi was also a detective, and turned out to be the killer. Simply speaking. Hmmm….. Also how they are like super geniuses, covering their tracks by giving off an ignorant façade. Like by stating clearly several times that he doesn’t know what’s going on, how the Phantom Thieves are stealing hearts & etc., and just acting like a plain old detective trying to uncover the “truth” and looking at the situation from all angles [similar to Naoto here]. In Adachi’s case, he also gave off that ignorant façade like he was always confused and didn’t know anything, and how he sneakily covered his tracks all the while being evil – there was that time when he found a dead body or something and planted fake evidence of a note, something something..



When we learned the full story of Akechi during his boss battle, I was the most sympathetic. The fact that Shido was actually his father  was predictable. Even so, I could only utter: Poor Akechi… You could tell that he was suffering some mental health issues since he was abandoned and grew up in several foster homes.


But even though I love Akechi, and he was a very interesting character, and his role in the game was significant in the story, there are plenty of other awesome elements to the game. I really recommend this game to everyone! While they should be aware there is a lot of heavy topics, I think the first Kamoshida dungeon is the worst, as it talks about sexual assault, suicide attempts, and features scantily clad women-shadows & mannequins. But other than that, it’s not so bad.

My mother happened to be visiting when I was playing through part of the Kamoshida dungeon. Without knowing any of the backstory, and just seeing Succubus & Angel personas and aforementioned mannequins, she most definitely got the wrong idea. Sorry Mom, it’s not what you think! (-_-; ) Lol.  Honestly, I don’t even want to know what she thought I was playing…


But yes, Persona 5 is a great game. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the only other Persona game I’ve played before this one was Persona 4 Dancing All Night, but I have watched the Persona 4 anime, and do actually own the P4Golden & P4Arena Ultimax games (just have yet to play them). I know it’s not exactly the same, but I pretty much got the gist of everything from the anime, and fell in love with the characters. With this connection to P4, I was leery going into P5. At the beginning, I thought the concept of the game was interesting, but I wasn’t all that impressed, and thought, “This will never come close to the awesomeness of P4. I just want to hurry and get this over with.”  Boy, was I completely wrong! I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome this game is, and it probably tops P4 in greatness in my books. I was sad when I was nearing the end, because I didn’t want it to end, but am looking forward to the day when I eventually start NewGame+. This is one game I will not forget.


My preferred team:





-Akechi/Crow if he could have stayed


My Persona’s [favs] by the final boss:

-Yoshitsune .Lv82

-Baal .Lvl 80

-Okuninushi .Lvl 57

-Oberon .Lvl 71

-Cu Chulainn .Lvl 72

-Dominion .Lvl 79

-Leanan Sidhe .Lvl 53

-Uriel .Lvl 86

-Siegfried .Lvl 70

-Titania .Lvl 56

-Thor .Lvl 65

-King Frost .Lvl 66

Image result for persona 5 baal build

*These are not pictures from my game progress, I just wanted to show what my top 2 favourite personas look like.


Well everyone, even if you don’t agree with my opinions of Akechi, I hope that my antics have made you laugh a little.

I hope you will continue to read my posts and enjoy figures. Until next time! ( ^_^)/~~~~


*I do not own any of the pictures used in this post*


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