Peach Girl (Anime)

Hey everybody! 😀 how have you all been? I know I haven’t posted anything this month (^皿^*) but the reason is because I am waiting to post about a figure that I bought that I haven’t received yet — but you’ll find out soon! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

For now, to help ease the waiting for a little bit longer, instead I have chose to write my first anime post (!), about an anime I watched earlier this spring. Let’s hear it for “Peach Girl”!


*Spoilers follow, but it’s an old series anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Back in May I watched Peach Girl, which I’ve been interested in watching for a while. I binge-watched it for a couple days, which is something I normally do not like to do. This behaviour may have also been influenced by my watching the Nana anime just beforehand, and that series had me entranced & consequently caused me to binge-watch it…. but I’ll talk about that another time.

For Peach Girl, but in a different way than Nana, I never knew how crazy a series could make me. Throughout the entire thing I wan’t at all sure if Momo would choose Kairi. I’ve never doubted which pairing would be together in the end as much as I have for this series. [I mean, Vampire Knight {manga} had me feeling worried about Yuki not picking Zero in the end, but there was absolutely no way I was going to accept that as a possibility, so I was able to keep my sanity. Yay for being stubborn! ( ^∀^)/ ]

Anyway, I was so anxious the entire time that somehow she would end up with Toji. Also, I can’t believe how a series could make me hate a character such as Sae so much I wish she was dead, and then somehow manage to make me feel sorry for her by wishing she would get over Ryo, and then she became so funny and caring about Momo x Kairi that I loved her. But man, she was so damn annoying during the first season. Speaking of,  I can’t believe how fast things escalated during the first episode. I couldn’t stop watching, although I was constantly punching myself for the longest time because I couldn’t bear to watch anymore messed up drama. But then again it was also hilarious how abrupt Momo and Kairi started dating all of a sudden one episode, hearing Momo claim, “Of course I love Kairi!” to some other girls after she constantly said she was unsure of her feelings prior to that moment. But I was so happy to hear that, and watching their rocky relationship over season 2 was so great. I don’t think a series has had me rooting for a character as much as I was for Kairi. Sorry Toji, you are a little nice, but you’re just not Kairi. Although even he drove me a little crazy during his story arc. What an emotional rollercoaster. But now it’s all over and I can rest easy! (*´꒳`*)

I also want to say that I absolutely loved Momo’s voice actress, it was so perfect I don’t think another person could have captured her wacky personality. For whatever reason Kairi’s voice made me laugh a bit near the beginning because I initially didn’t think it suited him at all, but I was totally wrong, it suits him so perfectly, no one could do it better and I love it! [English dub btw] And what a nice OST too! My favourite track was “Toji’s Jealousy”! (OxO)

Now just look at this adorable pic of Momo and Kairi from the closing theme! ( ̄▽ ̄)

That’s all for now guys! Check back soon!

I hope you will continue to read my posts and enjoy figures. Until next time! ( ^_^)/~~~~



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