Who is AquaticRyu美(mi)?

Hello & Welcome!

My name is AquaticRyu美! :3

I have a passion for Japanese culture. The purpose of this blog is to spread my comments and love about my hobbies! The main focus is centered around [anime] figures, as well as a moderate amount of video games, however other things will include anime & manga, lolita fashion, food, music and other aspects of J-lifestyle.

I have been collecting figures for over four years now, and have over 130 figures (plus 25 Nendoroid Petites). Scales are my favourite, but I really like Nendoroids too because you have options by getting to pose them yourself, and they are cheaper than scales. I also own figmas and prize figures. I usually only get figures of characters I really like, but I do also have characters that I don’t know of, and I bought them solely because I liked their character design.


Please keep in mind that this blog will only be updated sporadically. It could be 3 times a day, or once a month. Due to school and jobs, there will only be new posts when I have time.

(But I will try my best for a once-a-month minimum!!(^^;))

Feel free to read as much as you please! (^_^) My aim is to spread what’s on my mind to anyone who will listen! But fair warning, I tend to ramble – I can talk A LOT!


~The Aquatic Beautiful Dragon~