Snow Miku 2013: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. (Vocaloid) Nendoroid

Hello everyone I’ve had a very long, exhausting, busy day! It’s practically midnight, and I just got off my feet. (o^皿^) So I’m sorry if this post says it was posted a day later than it should have been. I probably won’t finish it until late in the night… Enjoy! ( ╹▿╹ )   This time… Continue reading Snow Miku 2013: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. (Vocaloid) Nendoroid

Hatsune Miku -Lion Dance Ver.- (Vocaloid) Nendoroid

Hello again & welcome back! o (^‿^✿) Today we will take a quick look at one of my favourite Nendoroids – Hatsune Miku Lion Dance Ver.! 对不起,我的中文很不好. I swear, practically all of my fav Nendoroids are Miku (^^;) As you may be able to tell, her outfit is Chinese style! I don’t know too much about… Continue reading Hatsune Miku -Lion Dance Ver.- (Vocaloid) Nendoroid